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Seven tips for additional measures to calm the feeling of restless legs at bedtime


  • First: go to sleep as calm as possible. Do not strain before bedtime (for example, working for a computer, dealing with concerns). Psychic tensions can increase RLS. So before going to bed, take some time to relieve tension, either through light exercise, reading a pleasant book or relaxing exercises.
  • Other: do not be too covered with a blanket in the bed. Excessive heat usually increases RLS.
  • Third: go to bed with a rather empty stomach, unloaded gastrointestinal tract, and of course not hungry.
  • Fourth: take care of breathing through the nose throughout the night. Partially clogged nostrils can increase the nervousness that is transmitted to RLS.
  • Fifth: Before going to bed, moisten your feet with some moisturizing and, to some extent, a creamy cream. Then you can apply Arelesin + on them
  • Six: sprinkle your feet with plain water (you can do well with a flower sprayer) before you finally climb. Since you have already applied Arelesin+ on the feet, you can plug the sprayed water into the skin - thus adding the vibration from Arelesin+ in the body.
  • Seventh: when you got into bed, you're dropping Arelesin + droplets into your mouth and swilling them around.

If RLS starts to torture you, or if you fall asleep, it starts to torture you in the middle of the night, depending on your intensity, you can repeat it all from the lubrication of the legs, the drop of Arelesina+ on the feet and spraying with water to drip Arelesin+ into the mouth, or do (in the case of mild symptoms) only this latter.

Seven tips for additional measures - download